Dark Hot Choc Stick


Shot of dark chocolate with marshmallows.

Title Range Discount
3 for £5 4 - 11 £0.25 flat


A shot of dark chocolate topped with mini marshmallows on a wooden spoon to be stirred into hot milk to make a delicious hot chocolate drink.
Also available with vegetarian mallows.

Instructions: Heat 200ml of milk until nearly boiling, either on the hob or in the microwave. Pour into your favourite mug. Unpackage your hot choc stick and plunge into the hot, steaming milk. Stir. Pull it out and contemplate just licking the melting chocolate off the spoon. Shake head and put it back in and stir some more. Grab a cookie and a book, and go sit in your comfy chair and enjoy.

Additional information

3 hot choc sticks

pack of 3 hot choc sticks

12 hot choc sticks

Pack of 12 hot choc sticks