Tasting Set Plus


A little bit of everything with a bit more on top!.

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The tasting set plus, consists of the tasting set box, with an additional box on top containing 7 truffles (classic but can be replaced with others), more flavoured drops, and some chocolate pebbles.

The tasting set is a delightful mix of chocolate from the Foxy Chocs range. Presented in a flat box it consists of a solid chocolate wreath,12 truffles, 6 solid seasonal shapes, some after dinner mint crisp (will actually be bagged up so it doesn’t overpower all the other flavours), and a pile of flavoured chocolate drops, as well as either a personalised message printed onto chocolate, or a milk chocolate fox in the centre.


Additional information

Chocolate Type

Dark, Milk, Mixed, White

Truffle type

Boozy, Classic, Pure

Drop flavours

Cappucinno, Orange, Salted Caramel, Strawberry

Truffle type plus

Boozy, Classic, Pure

Drop choice plus

Cappuccino, Orange, Salted caramel gold, Strawberry