Make it

Are you interested in not just eating chocolate but getting to make it? Maybe with a group of friends, or just at home on your own?

We have several different ways to help you make it.

You can come to a physical workshop at Foxy Chocs HQ, or you can book Foxy to come to you if you have a chocolate party with friends going on.
For scheduled workshops places start at £30 for a two hour session. These will have 5 places per session, and you can book in groups. For private parties prices start at £100 for a two hour session for a minimum of 2 people, each extra guest will cost £20 each. A maximum will be set depending on the size of the venue.
Please note due to Covid-19 these are on hold.

We also (thanks Covid) now offer Zoom Workshops, where you and a group of friends will be sent a box of ingredients each, and select a suitable time to learn how to chocolate virtually. In this session you will have received your box of goodies via post or collection, and we will taste chocolate (so keep that wine, um, water handy), then get on with a demo from me, and you can follow along at home. Once the making is over and you are dipping into that chocolate fondue, the instructor will disappear for a while, leaving you to catch up with your friends. These sessions will have one hour of interaction with the instructor and up to a further hour for you to socialise.
The cost for this is £35 per person. Discounts may be available on request.

We are also offering a tasting experience via zoom, with a 90 min session, of which 30 minutes is with your expert, and the final hour to socialise in break out rooms. Each tasting experience is posted direct to the recipient. To join a scheduled tasting session the cost is £12 (inc postage) per person, or if you want to plan a private session for up to 90 people, please get in touch.

Maybe it isn’t you that wants to make chocolate but your kids (although these are not just for kids). Foxy Chocs has created a range of choc making kits to use at home by yourself. Each kit contains enough ingredients, equipment, and packaging to use twice (and most can be reused again and again with your own chocolate or a refill kit). For more details please go to the Make at Home shop section.

Although these options are all on offer (when safe), if you have an idea for a special event, maybe you want to make a special type of chocolate, or have a hen do or kids party, please do get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you make your chocolatier dreams come true.